School management & administration Simplified

Make better & faster decisions

sERP offers powerful tools that enable you generate insightful reports.

Academic Reports

  • Admissions report for specified period
  • Enrollment Statistics
  • Combined class terminal reports
  • Alumni/year group terminal reports
  • End of year report
  • Academic transcript

Finance Reports

  • Period-specific payment report
  • Expenditure report
  • Income statement
  • Expected revenue report
  • Teller report
  • Class ledgers
  • Student payment history
  • Cancelled payments

Student Reports

  • Analytics - registration stats, active and inactive students
  • Birthdays and scholarships reports
  • Printable class list - grouped by gender, photo album, admissions date, etc
  • Printable sign list - with gender, date of birth, blank spaces, dormitory info, etc
  • Downloadable daily sheet and assessment form

Attendance Report

sERP's powerful attendance reporting tool enables you track attendance for each student per class. Attendance can be viewed daily, weekly, monthly, termly, or over a specified period.

Activity Logs

"Bird's eye" view of your school's operations - sERP records every action performed by users. Employee activity is logged against the employee who performed the action, and timestamps show exactly when the action was performed.