School management & administration Simplified

Streamline your core operations

From student assessments to examinations and events, sERP automates your school's academic processes for improved efficiency.

Flexible SBA Configuration

Control everything from number of CWAs, to total scores, scale percentage, and grading formats / remarks per class. Also manage staff SBA assignments per class and subject .

Error-free Terminal Reports

Easily generate standard academic progress reports with scores calculated based on specified SBA configuration data. Combined class reports enables you properly guage student strengths. Automate signatures, record and archive remarks, attendance and promotion data.

Hassle-free Academic Calendar Management

Seamlessly transition from current term to a new term without worrying about missing student data, financial records, or examinations scores.

Intuitive Class Management

Unlimited classes and class groups for combined examination reports and billing. Assign class codes, campus, division, teacher, prefects, and SBA configuration.

Year Groups

Create and manage unlimited alumni year groups to help keep track of former students.