Change Log

Version 1.10.5

  • Bugfix (Core #573): itemized payment list fails to update after cancelling payment
  • Bugfix (Core #565): activity not logged for some user activity
  • Bugfix (Case #574): bill reminder skips students with arrears in selected cases
  • Bugfix (Case #568): bill balance not updating in parent portal dashboard
  • Bugfix (Case #554): can't edit last school attended/reason for leaving last school
  • Bugfix (Case #556): incorrect student profile link returned in sms bill/report search results
  • Bugfix (Case #562): can't delete items on subsequent item list pages of store and inventory module
  • Bugfix (Case #564): items selected from quick search are skipped during new pos sale entry
  • Bugfix (Case #555): adding new academic calendar entry produces error even after successful completion
  • Bugfix (Case #557): income Statement report doesn't reflect non-billable payments as part of revenue
  • Maintenance (MTS #525): change label for headmaster's signature to head teacher's signature in progress reports
  • Maintenance (MTS #524):added logging for academic calendar entry
  • Maintenance (MTS #522): allow for editing of prefectorial positions
  • Maintenance (MTS #528): added 053 to the list of valid SMS prefixes
  • Maintenance (MTS #526): properly align finances sub-menu when user has limited access privileges
  • Maintenance (MTS #530): properly align finances sub-menu display in the parent portal
  • Maintenance (MTS #527): corrected currency label for student bill balance in SMS payment notification
  • Maintenance (MTS #523): corrected access restriction/permissions for student payment history
  • Maintenance (MTS #531): removed deprecated/discontinued modules from user privilege list

Version 1.10.4

  • Maintenance (MTS #522): optimized student arrears computation to take into consideration case where student has been moved (promoted) to a new class with an academic calendar designation that is different from the old class
  • Maintenance (MTS #521): reverted to cURL for SMS API calls, following update on SMS server
  • Maintenance (MTS #520): optimized debtors list and expected revenue reports to factor in class academic calendar designation

Version 1.10.3

  • Feature: allow for sending SMS notification to parents when student is registered in sERP
  • Feature: allow for recording non-bill payments for past students without having to re-bill student for the current term/semester
  • Feature: implemented birthday alerts and reports for staff
  • Bugfix (Case #572): configured default SMS sender ID not applied to SMS notifications for non-bill payments
  • Bugfix (Case #550): cannot delete users on subsequent paginated list pages
  • Bugfix (Case #551): address issue where arrears from the previous academic term not being factored into student's bills for classes on 'Semester' academic designation
  • Maintenance (MTS #519): added 023 and 059 to list of valid SMS prefixes
  • Maintenance (MTS #512): make student lists appear within page view in promotions section, to prevent issues with scrolling on some browsers/devices
  • Maintenance (MTS #517): improve displayed text for birthday alert on dashboard
  • Maintenance (MTS #514): prevent deletion of fee categories that have been assigned to student
  • Maintenance (MTS #513): fixed terminal reports link on student details page

Version 1.10.2

  • Bugfix (Case #548): fixed issue where some billed items are truncated in SMS bill messages, though total amount is correctly shown
  • Bugfix (Case #533): fixed issue where assigned wards are repeated for parent/guardian users in the manage users section
  • Maintenance (MTS #518): improved user management, and allow for modifying/updating of linked student(s) for parent/guardian users
  • Maintenance (MTS #541): improve mobile user compatibility for main navigation and content pages

Version 1.10.1

  • Maintenance (MTS #517): Enabled sending of bill to parents via SMS
  • Maintenance: Include student reference in printable student reports
  • Maintenance (MTS #519): implemented proper money formatting for amount displayed on student bill
  • Bugfix (Case #432): fixed issue with character decoding, where special characters such as " ' " appear as "'s" for sent messages

Version 1.10.0

  • Feature: implemented USSD Payment gateway
  • CORE: implemented billing API
  • Bugfix (Case #546): wrong date displayed in canteen payment report for specific period
  • Bugfix (Case #518): custom bills not reflecting in itemized payment ("Bill Payment Summary By Item") reports
  • Bugfix (Case #547): incorrect ssnit deductions on bank advice
  • Maintenance (MTS #544): improve group report sorting
  • Maintenance (MTS #545): implemented better handling of larger data sets for activity logs reports
  • Maintenance (MTS #516): removed depcrecated "Employment Type" field from staff details
  • Maintenance (MTS #547): included class total in attendance report
  • Additional restrictions for non-admin users for recording class attendance
  • Additional restrictions for non-admin users for recording canteen payment

Version 1.9.9

  • Maintenance (MTS #511): allow admin user to delete custom bills
  • Maintenance (MTS #497): allow admin user to delete expenditure
  • Maintenance (MTS #523): enable logging of recorded expenditure
  • Maintenance (MTS #543): enable filtering of canteen payment report by campus
  • Bugfix (Case #542): class position displays in SMS terminal report message even with "Show subject positions on terminal report" option toggled to off
  • Bugfix (Case #540): fixed issue where fees set for individual student impacts other students in the class when bill is prepared
  • Bugfix (Case #536): fixed discrepancy with income tax computation on payslip

Version 1.9.8

  • Feature: implemented support for Trimester and Semester academic schedules
  • Maintenance: implemented class code requirement when adding new class

Version 1.9.7

  • Feature: custom sender ID for SMS payment notifications
  • Feature: implemented option to toggle display of class and subject position on terminal reports
  • Maintenance: include student name in SMS payment notification
  • Maintenance: restrict custom billable items to maximum limit to prevent users from erroneously replacing custom items

Version 1.9.6

  • Feature: implmeneted bill payment for past students
  • Feature: implemented setting of fees in streams across multiple classes
  • Maintenance: include TIN in staff details
  • Maintenance: added student extra information and documents
  • Maintenance: optimize SMS payment notification delivery by by-passing bulk processing queue
  • Maintenance: include date of cancellation on receipt for canceled payment
  • Maintenance: include student's class in academic transcript
  • Maintenance: display arrears first in bill payment item list
  • Maintenance: implement better handling of decimal values for itemized bill payment amount
  • Maintenance: improvements to P.A.Y.E calculator
  • Bugfix: tax rate configuration for new tax rates
  • Bugfix: fixed access validation for SMS terminal reports

Version 1.9.5

  • Maintenance: improvements on itemized billing and item bill summary
  • Maintenance: added option to record daily canteen payment for multiple students in a class
  • Maintenance: automatically add payment processing fee when MoMo selected as payment method, to prevent additional billing
  • Maintenance: implemented item specific payments in parent portal
  • Bugfix: fixed issue where bill payment item list does not display properly for mobile and low resolution devices
  • Bugfix: fixed issue with incorrect rendering of student bill PDF download
  • Bugfix: fixed issue where canteen setup validates amount even when canteen option set to no
  • Bugfix: fixed issue affecting how payments are applied to bill payments when multiple items selected
  • Bugfix: PAYE report salary computation

Version 1.9.4

  • Feature: implemented item specific bill payments
  • Feature: implemented itemized bill payment summary / bill payment summary by item
  • Bugfix: invalid year group criteria for bill payments report

Version 1.9.3

  • Feature: Canteen Module
  • Feature: Academic Transcript
  • Feature: MoMo payment
  • Maintenance: updated PAYE calculations to reflect GRA tax rates for 2019:
  • Bugfix: non-debtors list search criteria reverts to "all" regardless of which option was selected
  • Bug fix: custom deductions not listed in payroll archive report when net salary equals zero

Version 1.9.2

  • Bugfix: fixed issue where students with zero (0) balance are included in debtors list in some cases where custom bill had previously been assigned.
  • Maintenance: optimized money format for SMS payment notifications
  • Maintenance: activity log skipping items most recent items for new year
  • Maintenance: fixed 404 errors in student portal
  • Maintenance: finance menu adjustment for non staff users
  • Maintenance: date of admissions search criteria for student report list
  • Maintenance: implemented non debtors reports

Version 1.9.1

  • Feature: SMS Terminal reports
  • Maintenance: payment search filters for debtors list and bill reminders
  • Maintenance: print out student fees payment history
  • Maintenance: enable admins specify payment date for bill/non-bill payments
  • Maintenance: support for decimal percentage values for scholarship
  • Maintenance: optimized activity log reports
  • Maintenance: optimized student fee history reports
  • Maintenance: optimized recipient count for sent SMS messages
  • Maintenance: optimized class list
  • Maintenance: optimized student and staff total counts

Version 1.9.0

  • Feature: multi-campus support for store and inventory module
  • Maintenance: enable admins to view items and sales per, and restrict authorized non admins to respective sales and items for only their campus
  • Maintenance: additional filters for expected revenue report - class/year group, campus, section, division
  • Maintenance: implemented filters for student list report - gender, status, fee category
  • Maintenance: implemented permissions for individual reports
  • Maintenance: optimized staff ID generation for more than 1,000 staff
  • Maintenance: optimized student ID generation to support 4 digits and above against specific class code
  • Maintenance: removed underline from staff names in printed bank advice
  • Maintenance: assign staff to respective campuses
  • Maintenance: spelling error in Notes section of SMS reminder page

Version 1.8.9

  • Feature: SMS notification for fees payment
  • Feature: non billable item payments
  • Feature: SMS bill payment reminders
  • Feature: Store sales and inventory management module
  • Maintenance: implemented more precise money formatting
  • Maintenance: restrict dashboard student enrollment stats to admin users
  • Maintenance: restrict teller user view to only their report
  • Maintenance: separate payment and non bill payment report
  • Maintenance: include outstanding bill balance in SMS payment alert
  • Maintenance: separated staff users from non staff users in system user list
  • Bugfix: student's fee category not preselected when editing student details
  • Bugfix: fixed issue where staff are ommitted from list during printing of reports
  • Bugfix: fixed issue where printed page is truncated for student and staff list reports

Version 1.8.8

  • Feature: enable additional information for registered staff
  • Feature: enable uplaod of staff documents e.g. appointment letters, etc
  • Maintenance: provided clearer description of actions in staff list
  • Maintenance: changed activity label on dashboard
  • Maintenance: added school details to enrollment stats report
  • Maintenance: implemented additional restrictions for fee management
  • Maintenance: added school details to enrollment stats report
  • Maintenance: provided code clarity for billing
  • Bugfix: fixed PDF download error for some reports
  • Bugfix: fixed database connection error for terminal reports

Version 1.8.7

  • Feature: Re-enabled parent/guardian login (a.k.a Parent Portal)
  • Maintenance: implemented access restriction to manage class prefects
  • Maintenance: implemented printable student and staff list reports
  • Maintenance: view/print archived staff reports for individual staff
  • Maintenance: payment history and view bill link/icons for record payments
  • Feature: staff sign list report
  • Bugfix: PAYE not appearing on payslip for non SSNIT contributors
  • Bugfix: can't delete user on subsequent paginated page list

Version 1.8.6

  • Feature: automatically compute and display student attendance in terminal reports
  • Maintenance: Implemented additional configuration of attendance and aggregate in terminal reports
  • Maintenance: Provide clearer message for failed permissions when viewing student details
  • Maintenance:auto filter special characters from class code and student ID prefix
  • Maintenance: added input field to manually enter student aggregate on terminal report
  • Bugfix: issue with mobile number not being fetched correctly for staff SMS
  • Bugfix: error on PDF rendering during terminal report saving/download
  • Bugfix: issue with payslip page rendering
  • Bugfix: error in weekly and monthly income/expenditure breakdown
  • Bugfix: income/expenditure report not taking into consideration cancelled payments
  • Bugfix: expected revenue report not properly taking into consideration student custom bills/arrears

Version 1.8.5

  • Maintenance: implemented class groups
  • Maintenance: corrected BECE grade interpretation based on the current GES syllabus
  • Maintenance: added class group terminal reports
  • Maintenance: enable option to toggle display of photo on student bills
  • Maintenance: display totals for Trustee and SNNIT contributions
  • Maintenance: improve table sorting and bank staff search order/sorting
  • Bugfix: browser compatibility issue for staff profile edit SNNIT contribution toggle button
  • Bugfix: issue with incorrect arrears being returned for student after part payment has been previously entered for student ID
  • Bugfix: issue preventing recording of payment for past students who had not been billed for the current term due to system checking their records against current set term
  • Bugfix: class teacher photo not displayed correctly on class list
  • Bugfix: issue with wrong amount (in words) being displayed on payslip and bank advice
  • Bugfix: issue where updating student bill doesn't impact previously recorded arrears

Version 1.8.4

  • Feature: enabled setting of fees for classes with no registered students
  • Feature: implemented archiving of monthly Payroll data
  • Maintenance: implemented feature to toggle SNNIT contribution for staff
  • Maintenance: implemented filtering of SNNIT contributors on payroll and contributions reports
  • Maintenance: added payroll report for archived payroll data under HR reports
  • Maintenance: implemeneted additional check for staff employment/registration date when generating payroll

Version 1.8.3

  • Revised attendance database format to improve metrics performance
  • Corrected percentage value used for computing staff payroll deduction for employee contributions
  • Added termly and periodic option to attendance report

Version 1.8.2

  • Implemented dashboard redesign

Version 1.8.1

  • Implemented feature to enable toggling settings for, and showing of student photo on terminal reports
  • Fixed issue with images not being displayed for student class/sign list reports with photo albulm

Version 1.8.0

  • Implemented customizable SBA and terminal report formats
  • Switched from file/disk to database for image storage
  • Fixed SMS API connection timeout
  • Bug fixes for SMS integration setup
  • Feature: Staff ID auto generation

Version 1.7.0

  • Corrected incorrect staff ID generation
  • Added option to specify past and withdrawn students in debtors list
  • Fixed issue with wrong bank being saved when bank is selected as the payment type for fees
  • Fixed bug in admission report computation
  • Implemented logging of activity for miscellaneous modules.
  • Added bills and custom bills to activity log

Version 1.6.0

  • Maintenance: Terminal reports subjects list order
  • Bugfix: Fixed issue with bills displaying incorrect item name for non-default category
  • Feature: Implemented student(s)/parent(s)/staff and bulk SMS sending

Version 1.5.3

  • Added feature to download/save student bill to PDF
  • Implemented additional restrictions: separated view set fees from set fees
  • Fixed issue with PAYE only displaying 1 page with 10 staff
  • Fixed issue with PAYE Excel downloads
  • Implemented Excel export for SNNIT in compliance with new regulations
  • Calculate class position based on average not total score

Version 1.5.2

  • Fixed issue with SBA updating wrongly
  • Updated user permissions to include banking module
  • Allow for selection of academic year when preparing bills
  • Added campus filter for payments report

Version 1.5.1

  • Implemented debtors reminder note
  • Allow for selection of academic year when preparing bills
  • Added campus filter for payments report
  • Fixed issue with deleting registered fees categories in finance setting

Version 1.5

  • Implemented multi select for student promotions/demotions
  • Implemented status update for fresh students when new term is set
  • Implemented campus search filter for debtors list
  • Modified student Delete/withdrawal prompt to include student's name