School management & administration Simplified

Student records at your fingertips

sERP's interactive and intiuitive design provides you with robust tools to maintain students information seamlessly.

Student Profile

Complete information for each student (past and present), including student personal details, parents / guardian details and academic data. Unique student ID generated based on configuration.

Built-in Search Engine

Quickly find students information by name, class, gender, status, campus, division, and more. Live search feature filters "as-you-type" for even faster and more accurate search results.

Class Register

Downloadable class register including student list, number on roll and class teacher's details.

Holistic Historical Student Data

Track existing and former students records, including withdrawn students and alumni based on year groups, with option to re-admit students.


Keep track of students and class daily attendance. Comprehensive reporting allows you view and analyze attendance daily, weekly, termly, or over specified period.