School management & administration Simplified

Your school is also your Business. We get that.

From billing to payments and accounting, sERP ensures that you stay right on top of things.

Flexible Fees Configuration

Set fees based on class, item, student status, or a combination of all three. sERP gives you complete control over the minutest detail, from the type of billable items to where and how each item should be billed.

Intuitive Billing

Group or individual billing - sERP allows you prepare student bills based on multiple criteria including class and status. You can create specialized billing categories to exempt students from items, and also add custom billable items on-the-fly.


Manage and award student scholarships based on criteria as defined by your institution.

Payments Collection & Management

Receive full or partial payments via multiple channels, including: cash, bank/cheque deposit, and mobile money via USSD on all networks in Ghana. sERP enables you efficiently manage your collections regardless of the academic period in effect. Plus support for payment cancellation and reversals.

Payments Tracking

Record and track payments received by staff of your institution. sERP offers support for multiple tellers / cashiers, and each payment is logged against the staff that received the payment for audit purposes. Payments report allows you filter payments for specified period.

Debtors & Defaulters

Never lose sight of debtors again. sERP enables you track students who owe the school at any given period (including past and withdrawn students). Tightly integrated debtors and collections systems allow you capture payments received from debtors, including students who have left the school.

Bill Reminders

Generate and send out individual or bulk bill payment reminders to parents whose wards owe the school. Template-based reminders simplify the process of following up on debtors and defaulters.


Record and track your banking transactions for reconciliation with physical bank account. Track issued cheques, deposits and transfers, as well as print out and export statements.

Income & Expenditure Management

sERP gives you a birds eyes view of your school's financial position at all times. Record and track expenses and supplementary income with detailed timestamps and description. You can also generate Income statement based on collected data.

Store & Inventory

Built in point of sale and inventory management system that enables you manage everything from shop items to capturing sales, and receipt printing. You can also track the quantity of items you have in stock at any given time, and generate sales and item-specific reports..